Alaaddin - علاء الدين

Shop from home, ask about any product, and merchants will respond to you with prices and details

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Digitizing Classical Shopping Experience

We help you save time and effort finding the best place to buy from, request product prices, review offers and buy whenever you want

  • Make a request for a Product
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  • shops send offers for you
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  • Review offers
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  • Make a Request

    Ask about any product you want, enter its title, category, and any other details. you can even send a voice note for more details

  • Receive Offers

    Shops will receive your request and send offers about the product you requested, includes its price, image, description, and any other details.

  • Review Offer Details

    Once you receive offers, you will be able to review each offer, see what items did the shop send to you, and compare different offers. then you can visit the shop physically and buy from there.

  • Runs on Unicorn Platform